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Quality Assurance / Quality Control Technical Initiatives


JCM Business Solutions appreciates that cleaning is a cost function within a client’s organization.  As such, clients are constantly striving to evaluate and reconfigure the efficient use of their asset through resource planning and spend value accountability. 


To assist clients in this effort, JCM employs a variety of computerized management and administrative reporting tools for planning, scheduling and workforce management, along with mobile communication and inspection.  For example, JCM employs a Quality Assurance / Quality Control Software which can be readily conformed towards a client's unique inspection and reporting requirements.  KPIs can be defined to analyze staffing attendance, OSHA requirements, compliance standards, cleaning inspections, comments, coding, corrective action items according to your company's scoring preferences


JCM also utilizes the latest in off-the-shelf CMMS software such as Maximo® and dispatcher communication tools, along with computer and smart phone connectivity, allowing for the broadest compatibility with client systems while improving performance and passing on cost efficiencies.