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Air Transportation Services
JCM brings transportation expertise gained from decades of industry experience.  Consequently, we appreciate that these passenger contact points are key to your passengers' travel experience.  We work hard to ensure that all our associates are trained in operating procedures and customer service.  Our approach is built on a platform of:
•  Industry supervision and service associate specialists            •  Proven procedures and disciplined implementation
•  Mission critical dispatch and mobile communications              Mandatory periodic hands-on training        
•  Security badging and risk management resources                 •  CMMS and communication systems
•  Cross training to ensure seamless coordination of services

Our associates are properly equipped to meet each passenger with an informed courtesy that translates into an efficient service and good impression. 
Baggage Handling

JCM's associates are trained to facilitate the transportation of passenger luggage for each unique baggage handling system, airline operations, customer service standards, and airport security protocols.  Courteous personnel work at departure check-in to ensure proper ticketing and transit.  Upon arrival, agents work to expedite baggage through baggage rooms, customs and on to baggage claim carousels.  We work hard to maintain quality service and security, while avoiding delays and damage.    

JCM schedules the work and monitors the performance, providing you with weekly or monthly reports.  
Customer Service Representatives

JCM agents are trained to be a seamless extension of your organization through mandatory periodic training and quality assurance / quality control programs according to your operating standards and procedures, customer service protocols, safety and security, as well as branding.  JCM provides our own professional uniforms or mirror yours.  These services include: 

  • Passenger Check-In
  • Ticketing
  • VIP Lounge Staffing
  • Weight & Balance
  • Multi-Lingual Agents
  • Meet/Assist Service
SkyCap Porters

Mobile dispatch systems ensure that our SkyCaps have the latest flight schedules and gate information.  Whether screening passenger identification, issuing boarding passes, checking in luggage, or collecting baggage from carousels, JCM SkyCaps are fully trained on operating procedures and customer service. 

Moreover they stand ready to coordinate with our wheelchair dispatcher to ensure prompt pick-up of a passenger needing assistance, explain security screening, or assist with securing ground transportation.  Throughout, we work to provide an informed, safe and stress free passenger service.  
Passenger Services

JCM representatives are prepared to deliver services with informed, efficient courtesy according to your standards and procedures.
•  Baggage Handlers - assist Service Claim Agents and Skycaps to identify and move baggage to claim areas and screening belts, ensuring baggage is properly transferred to the correct gates. 
•  Security Document Verification - meet and greet passengers verifying ticket / boarding pass with identification, carry-on luggage meets protocol and aviation personnel badging.
•  Unaccompanied Minor - assist minors in finding gates, making connections, security & customs.
Wheelchair Attendants

Associates approach this responsibility with the physical skills and emotional sensitivity to assist individuals with disabilities ranging from sports injuries to paralysis to blindness.  Mobile dispatcher systems and training ensure an informed courtesy that knows passengers names, needs, destinations and anything else pertinent to ensure a safe and stress free experience:  
•  Disability Act
•  Air Carrier Access Act and 14 CFR
•  Handicap in Air Travel Part 382
•  Wheelchair Use & Loading
•  Customer Service & Sensitivity
•  Facility Operations, e.g., Safety, 
    Health & Environmental Plans;
    & Emergency Continuity Plans
•  Security & Customs Procedures