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Career Opportunities with JCM Business Solutions


As JCM  continues to grow, we are working to expand our team of dedicated professionals.  Our commitment to our customers relies on one thing, our commitment to our associates.Although your skill set and expertise should fall within our service band, your drive may prove that this is not necessarily so.  As we grow, we aim to open paths to further your career development.  


JCM is an equal opportunity employer. To contact us, please email resumes and applications to JCM Business Solutions or complete the form below. Thank you for your interest in JCM. 


  • Service provider matrons and porters are hourly associates that work at our clients' facilities representing the company with courtesy, professionalism and keen attention to detail.  In your resume please include your experience, training, or licenses; and the city or region in which you would like to work. 
  • Supervisory associates work on site at our client's facilities, supervising service providers at a single facility, multiple facilities, or an entire region.
  • Project managers, site managers, and account managers supervise a single facility's daily operations, including staffing and supervision, employee relations, budgeting, payroll, training, purchasing, and client relations. Managers draw on experience in building janitorial functions. 
  • Area managers typically supervise multiple sites' daily operations, similar to those managed by a site manager for an individual client or multiple clients.
  • Regional operations managers manage broad regions and multiple states, with full Profit & Loss accountability, budget development, strategic planning, along with sales and marketing responsibilities.  They draw on significant leadership skills, encompassing a broad range of service offerings.