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Quality Assurance Quality Control Software Suite


JCM's Quality Assurance/Quality Control software includes the following modules.  Content can be conformed to clients' unique requirements:


  • Custodial Maintenance Inspections
  • Facility Inspections
  • HUD Inspection
  • OSHA Regulations Inspections
  • Safety Inspections
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection


Existing KPIs can be defined to analyze staffing attendance, HUD and OSHA requirements, compliance standards, cleaning inspections, comments, coding, corrective action type files according to your company's metric parameters such as weights, averages, grades and or schedules. We invite you to visit our demonstration video.


JCM's software development partner, Jen/Mar Systems Corporation is a privately-owned information technology company founded in 1995.  Jen/Mar provides high-quality, low cost commercial software products and related services to business, government and non-profit organizations.  Jen/Mar's Suite is an Enterprise-grade, J2EE-compliant software system.  It includes programs for application servers, desktops and mobile devices.