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Duty Free America Terminal 7, JFK International Airport, New York.
Monthly heavy cleaning of duty free luxury item stores including Armani and Coach, totaling some 50,0000 sf.

H&M Stores; 21 Retail Outlets in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York & Rhode Island. 
Daily cleaning for stores ranging from some 50,000 - 200,000 sf, consisting of retail, administration, stock areas, employee lounges & rest room facilities.  

Home Depot; 20 Big Box Retail Outlets in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire & New York.

Periodic heavy dusting and fixture cleaning for outlets ranging from 400,000 - 1,100,000 sf.  

Hudson Group; Hudson News Outlets.  JFK International Airport; New York
Daily cleaning of stainless steel, glass and metal surfaces, and wood polishing; complemented by weekly high dusting and cleaning programs for multiple news and convenience merchandise stores located in Delta Terminal 2 and American Airlines Terminal 8 in JFK International Airport.

ZoomSystems; Terminal 4, JFK International Airport; New York.
JCM provides inventory supply management and cleaning for ZoonSystems' automated retail outlets featuring an array of Apple's iPod and iPhone products.