We are proud to serve: Manchester Boston Regional Airport
Westfield Group Bobby Vans Steak House
British Airways DHL
Delta Airlines Sterling National Bank
United Airlines Hudson Group
American Airlines Swiss International Airlines
JCM Business Solutions delivers professional janitorial, facility maintenance, and security services for commercial and public buildings, plus services specific to the air transportation industry in America's Northeast.  We offer daily, periodic and unique event services for individual as well as multiple-location assignments.    


JCM initiates every assignment by partnering with our clients to define the "best value" solution to achieve your operating and fiscal requirements.  Working together, we establish key performance indicators and monitoring systems to maximize productivity and ensure accountability with usage plans and budgets, along with your quality, safety and compliance requirements.  


JCM is committed to improving spend value.  We continuously invest in training, productivity and reporting technologies including CMMS systems such as Maximo® and mobile appsWe maintain a flat organization to ensure 24/7 communication and accountability, be it for daily operations, special events, business interruptions or disaster recovery.  Strategically, we aim to strike the right balance between preventive and reactive services that reduce total life cycle costs while enhancing asset productivity, efficiency and reliability.