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JCM brings more than fifty years of experience servicing transportation facilities, including terminal, food court, retail, cargo warehouse, administration and parking garage space.  Our proven expertise supporting daily operations and unique events stands as testimony to dependable results.  Our management, supervisory and service associates carry security clearance and undergo rigorous security background checks with periodic renewals. 

Manchester - Boston Regional Airport; Manchester, NH. 

JCM provides daily janitorial services throughout this 450,000 sf facility consisting of public area, restaurant, office, administration, locker room, restroom and parking garage space.  Daily cleaning is complimented by periodic heavy hard floor and carpet care; surface and air duct dusting; parking garage power cleaning and window washing. 

Virgin Atlantic VIP Lounge Terminal 4 International Arrivals Building, JFK International Airport; New York.

Post construction cleanup for contractor Holt Construction for 60,000 sf renovation.  High-end and specialty finishes included an extensive variety of woods, marbles, metals, glass, tiles and fabrics within lounge, dining, entertainment, business meeting and rest room facilities.

British Airways - Terminal 7 JFK Int'l Airport; NY. 
JCM provides janitorial, skycap and wheelchair attendant services for this 500,000 sf passenger terminal.

Westfield Group.  American Airlines Terminal 8 Food Court, JFK International Airport; New York.
JCM provides cleaning services to Westfield Group, the concession manager of the retail and food concession at American Airlines' Terminal 8, daily operations in this 2.2 million sf facility.  JCM staff are assigned to bus tables, provide surface and floor cleaning and waste management during operating hours.  After-hour service includes waste management, heavy dusting, and heavy surface and floor cleaning in preparation for daily operations.  JCM also serves as the Receiving Logistical Manager positioned at the three-bay loading dock to coordinate and document delivery traffic.

Aerosvit Airlines Administration Offices - Terminal 4 Int'l Arrivals Building JFK International Airport; NY.
Daily cleaning for passenger terminal's carrier administrative offices.

American Airlines - Terminal 8, JFK International Airport; New York. 

JCM has been contracted to supplement existing service provider to provide ultra-cleaning at departure gates throughout this 2.2. million sf facility, consisting of dusting, cleaning and polishing of all floors, furniture, fixtures and windows.

Holt Construction.  American Airlines Terminal 8, JFK International Airport; New York.

As a subcontractor, JCM provided debris removal and floor preparation and care to conclude interior construction renovation of 700 sf of terminal retail space.

Swiss International Airlines VIP Lounge, Dispatcher Office and Administration Offices, JFK International Airport, Terminal 4 International Arrivals Building; New York.

JCM provides daily custodial cleaning, table busing and area debris policing services to this 30,000 sf area, along with weekly floor care, monthly high dusty and heavy cleaning. 

United Airlines Terminal 7, JFK International Airport; New York.
In coordination with traffic flows, periodic heavy cleaning in Gate Areas and the interior and exterior of Jetways.